In the city...

The historic streets of London’s East End are alive with new ideas, from world-class restaurants and bars to the country’s most exciting startups. Your guide starts here...

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Getting around

A quick guide to east London’s hotspots

Food & drink
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Eat the world

A culinary trip around the globe with east London’s food stalls

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Fancy a drink?

The best places, whatever your tipple

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British bistronomy

The East End’s culinary renaissance starts here

Going out
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Secret London

Ten off-the-wall East End activities

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Street trading

Five lesser known east London markets

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Keep it loud

Everything you need to know about the new music capital of London… and Europe

Tech it out
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Startup scene

Another day in Tech City

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Cool companies

From coding classes to Moshi Monsters, we focus on six local success stories

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New Frontier

Announcing east London’s latest tech hub

Street art

The concrete canvas

The best of east London’s street art